Bed Bug Bites Can Do More Than Make You Itch!

bed bugsJust the thought of encountering bed bugs in enough to make anyone’s skin begin to itch.  Those creepy blood suckers lurk in the shadows, sneak into our beds while we are sleeping, jab us with their tubes, and then for about 10 minutes, dine on our precious blood supply.  Once they are through, they scurry off to digest their blood meal just waiting for the next opportunity to strike again.

Some people don’t know that they have bed bugs because they are lucky enough to not experience the subsequent itching that is associated with the bed bug bites.  Others are so unlucky that they suffer from painful swelling, horrible itching, and oozing sores.  There are some people that even experience a worse fate…they have an allergic reaction to the bed bug bites.

Students in an off campus apartment complex in Portland, Oregon have been dealing with a bed bug infestation since the beginning of the school year.  Management has only been treating one apartment unit a time, as tenant’s report a problem, and the bed bugs are just being chased from unit to unit with each treatment.  One tenant had such a bad allergic reaction to the bed bug bites that her bites were swollen to the size of eggs and she went into anaphylactic shock!

If you are experiencing a bed bug infestation, don’t take a chance on these buggers causing you health problems.  Early treatment is critical.  Contact a bed bug expert as soon as possible.