Bed Bugs can Cause more than Just Itchy Skin

Some New Jersey and New York City residents are not even aware they have been attacked by bed bugs during the night. Many people don’t have a skin reaction to bed bugs that have been stealing their blood. However, many people do get itchy skin rashes from being attacked by bed bugs.

Some people, including a woman living in Portland Oregon, have a severe reaction to bed bug bites. She woke up one morning covered with red hives. The doctor recommended she go to the emergency room. The doctors said her allergic reaction to the bed bugs attack almost put her into shock.

To make things worse the apartment complex would not give the woman and her boyfriend their deposit back and the company that owns the building locked them out of their apartment. They had to sleep on the couches of relatives. Sounds like a quirky movie script that could take several different plot twists, unfortunately it actually happened to the woman.  A bed bug monitor could be very beneficial for this woman and many others.