New York City: Bed Bugs Public Enemy #1

Bed bugs are considered by people to be the most annoying pests residing in New York City. Kihani Brea, a city council policy analyst boldly called the bed bugs a plague. That’s not a compliment to bed bugs. Perhaps a large number of New Jersey residents would also claim that bed bugs are the number one irritating pest.

In a recent meeting of Community Board 7 which represents the Upper West Side, Gale Brewer, a city council member, mentioned that 26 city agencies are tackling the problem. New York City residents probably still think they need bed bug monitors because all of this tackling has not eliminated the bed bug problem.

Yes, the city department of health has a web site that offers a bed bug fact sheet but residents probably would like the department of health to do much more than offer a fact sheet. Many New Yorkers think they have received an insufficient response from the city regarding bed bugs. Perhaps they’re right, but it’s difficult to get rid of the odious bed bugs from a large city or even a small town.