Simple Bed Bug Inspection Tips for Hotel Guests

Bed bugs thrive in hotels. Bed bugs have entered hotels all over the nation. Due to bed bugs, hotel guests sometimes wake up with red bumps or flat welts that can be very itchy. Bed bugs often climb into suitcases or cling to clothing and go home with the hotel guests. They would probably rather find rats in their suitcases than odious bed bugs.

New York City is considered to be a primary place for bed bugs to hang out because of the large number of international travelers that visit New York City every day. Yes, people also bring bed bugs to New Jersey and other locations.

While staying in hotels, people should do a bed bug inspection which includes examining mattress seams, edges of carpet, bed boards, wall trim, pillow case linings and tiny crevices where bed bugs can hang out while they are not having a human blood meal. Look for bed bugs, blood, bed bug fecal matter and bed bug eggs. A bed bug monitor is highly recommended.