Intriguing Details about the Odious Bed Bug Eggs

Did you know that bed bugs only eat blood? Don’t bother trying to entice them out of their hiding places with cheese puffs. The female bed bugs living in your house lays from one to five eggs each day and can lay about 500 eggs. The eggs hatch in about seven to ten days. The bed bug development process includes five stages and they need a blood meal between growth stages. It takes from one to two months for bed bug to evolve from an egg to an adult. Qualified New Jersey and New York City bed bug detection dogs can find bed bugs and their eggs.

Typically, after a blood meal, New York City bed bugs hide out and are mostly inactive until they get the desire for more blood. They need to have blood meals in order to reproduce. Some experts claim they can live for about a year without a blood meal due to hibernation. Although they are called bed bugs these horrible insects will live all over a house. Good thing the bed bugs are not the size of a walrus.

Certification is Vital for Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Bed bug sniffing dogs use their amazing olfactory abilities to find bed bugs and their eggs that are hiding just about anywhere in your home. A properly trained New Jersey or New York City bed bug detection dog can thoroughly investigate a room in only two or three minutes.

Certified bed bug detection dogs go through extensive training in order to be able to differentiate the smell of bed bugs from termites, cockroaches and other types of insects. Well trained bed bug sniffing dogs can even tell the difference in smell between live bed bugs and dead bed bugs.

Bed bug detection dogs are searching for bed bugs in homes, apartment buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, colleges and other settings. They are superior to humans at finding the little critters. These dogs are fast and accurate. A properly trained certified detection dog is recognized in court as a scientific instrument. All of Stern Environmental’s K-9 patrol teams are trained and NESDCA certified. Make sure the bed bug detection dog that searches your home has been certified by the NESDCA.