Should it be Easy to Sue Motels for Bed Bug Attacks?

A couple that stayed in a Super 8 Motel in Aberdeen, Maryland is suing the motel. Desire Clendenning claims that while staying at the motel she was attacked by bed bugs and suffered a severe reaction to the bed bug bites which are all over her body. She and her husband are seeking economic and non-economic damages.

She claims that Super 8 Worldwide, Super 8 Motel had a duty of reasonable care to her and they breached this duty since they allowed a bed bug infestation into the motel. Perhaps Desire Clendenning doesn’t realize how difficult it is for motel and hotel owners all over the world to prevent bed bugs from entering their buildings.

Even if hotel personnel searched every guest and their belongings, including their suitcases it would be very difficult to find all the tiny creatures. Bed bugs don’t chirp like birds or meow like cats, not even in New Jersey or New York City. Bed bugs are very secretive.

Bed bug monitors won’t prevent the critters from entering hotel rooms but they are very useful at detecting there presence in the room.

Bed Bugs Are Hard To Overcome

The tenants at the Cole Manor Apartments in Springfield, Ohio have been dealing with the scourge of bed bugs since last summer.  You would think that after calling in a pest control specialist and educating the residents about bed bugs that they would be gone by now.  Sadly this is not the case.  The residents continue to be bitten each night by the tiny terrorists of the night.

The residents of the building are now seeing that they too need to become warriors in the fight against bed bugs.  While building managers continue to fight the bed bugs with the health department and pest specialists, the residents will now be having weekly meetings with authorities to try to beat these bugs once and for all.  This is great news indeed as with this nasty pest, everyone must be diligent and work together to get rid of them!

If you have bed bugs in your home, it’s no laughing matter.  You should definitely call a bed bug expert as soon as you discover them.  Bed bugs will multiply at lightning fast speed and before you know it; your bed bug nightmare will spread like wildfire to your neighbor’s home too.  Stern Environment Group provides fast and discreet bed bug treatment for residents in Secaucus, New Jersey, the Greater New York City Metro and Connecticut Regions. Give us a call today!

Bed Bugs Taking Advantage of the Lousy Economy

Are New Jersey and New York City residents aware that bed bugs are benefiting from the nation’s economic problems? For example, in the state of Kansas, a hotel guest was attacked by bed bugs and actually captured a live bed bug from her room and showed it to the front desk clerk. The hotel management didn’t take her seriously so she filed a complaint with the state of Kansas.
 An inspector from the Kansas Department of Agriculture determined that indeed the woman’s hotel room was infested with bed bugs. The hotel was ordered to take care of the bed bug infestation. A follow-up inspection was scheduled. However, the state of Kansas announced it was suspending its lodging inspection program due to budget cuts.
 There are no longer any Kansas agencies working to make sure hotel rooms don’t have bed bugs. Will this government inactivity spread all over the nation? Will bed bugs be able to live where they please due to the negative economic conditions permeating the nation? Odious insects are actually benefiting from the lousy economic climate. Oh my.

Bed Bug Informational Webinar on February 25, 2010

Fighting bed bugs has been a huge challenge for homeowners, apartment dwellers, and business owners alike throughout the entire United States.  For pest control professionals, there are several techniques used to control and eradicate the nasty bugs.  Clearly, there are instances where some techniques and products work better than others do.  The NCHH has compiled a report of the various options that are currently available to pest professionals.

If you are interested in learning the latest information about bed bug control in multi-family housing, there will be a Webinar held on Thursday, February 25th from 1 to 2 PM ET to discuss this issue.  The NCHH has designed a report for health professionals, housing professionals, and pest management professionals that will help plan for or respond to the grown bed bug infestation issues that plague multi-family housing.  Everyone is invited to download the report called “What’s Working for Bed Bug Control in Multi-Family Housing: Reconciling best practices with research and the realities of implementation“, before the Webinar.  The report will provide insightful information different methods of controlling bed bugs, evaluations of controlling bed bugs, and recommendations on the methods.

Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs are Amazingly Accurate

Many New Jersey and New York City residents would be happy to have the four legged Molly visit their home. Molly is a border collie mix, bed bug sniffing dog.  Her owner states that Molly can smell bed bugs behind walls. Humans named Molly cannot do that.

Her owner, Leigh Ann Coleman, actually orders shipments of bed bugs from New York. No, she’s not a goofball, she needs the bed bugs for training sessions for Molly, the bed bug detection dog. Leigh Ann Coleman probably does not get excited when the package shows up. No, you probably won’t get rich if you run an add in the paper announcing you have odious bed bugs for sale. People will think your silly.

Leigh Ann Coleman stated that human eyes are about 30 to 40 percent accurate at detecting bed bugs and that bed bug detection dogs have about a 97 percent accuracy rate. These dogs can check out an entire room in about three to four minutes. Bed bug detection dogs are heroes.