Bed Bug Versus The Stink Bug

stern bed bug 1It’s no secret; the stink bug invasion has hit the eastern United States.  Reports are that residents from the Carolina’s to New York are experiencing these creepy, sometimes flying, stinky creatures up to their eyeballs!  Like bed bugs, they are good hitchhikers.  They too can easily get into your clothing or suitcases and travel from place to place.  They can easily travel from apartment to apartment, laying eggs and stinking up the joint.

Some New York residents are wondering if stink bugs are as bad as bed bugs now.  For anyone who has experienced a bed bug infestation, the answer would be a resounding NO!  Stink bugs are pretty easy to catch and because of their size, not very good at hiding.  You don’t want to vacuum them, but they can be picked up simply with a tissue and flushed down the toilet with ease.

Bed bugs on the other hand are far more difficult get rid of.  Not only are they the masters at hiding, they are patient buggers and can go an entire year without eating.  They feast on blood, preferably from humans, and multiply at rates that will put a field of rabbits to shame.  Not known to cause disease, bed bugs are causing many people across the United States undue stress and expense while trying to rid their life of them.

If you are experiencing the scourge of bed bugs in New York or New Jersey, contact a bed bug expert today!