A Massive Amount of Mice Droppings Close Down a Prominent Store

A Walgreens located in Chicago was closed by the mayor’s Dumpster Task Force due to having 570 mouse droppings on the floors and shelves that contained snack foods and candy. Sounds like a good idea. Inquiring minds in New York City and New Jersey want to know if the store would have been shut down if they found 338 mouse droppings.

If a prominent company like Walgreens has 570 mouse droppings in a particular store perhaps other prominent stores have a large collection of mouse droppings. The phrase mouse droppings is not as repulsive as other phrases which could have been selected.

Inquiring minds in New York City and New Jersey and perhaps all over the nation want to know if the 570 mousse droppings count has been verified by an independent source. Well, perhaps not.

Just 20 mouse droppings would be enough to inspire the shouting of yuck! Why didn’t the employees notice the accumulation of mouse droppings when it got to 200 hundred?