New Jersey Bed Bug Legislation and Mattresses and Furniture

The state of New Jersey is considering bed bug legislation which has been passed by the state assembly. The New Jersey Apartment Association has reviewed the proposed legislation and is supportive of it. However, the organization recommends that language be added to the bill that requires mattresses and furniture be fumigated or heat treated before it can be resold. They also recommend the treatment be certified and the documentation be provided to the buyer at the time of purchase. Current guidelines allow the use of products and materials that don’t destroy bed bugs at all life stages.

Well, these proposed additions to the bill are good, but some people may suggest that people simply don’t purchase used mattresses and furniture. If money wasn’t an issue perhaps they should add language to the legislation that the used mattresses and furniture are required to be evaluated by a bed bug detection dog after fumigation or heat treatments. Bed bug sniffing dogs are superior to humans when it comes to detecting bed bugs and retrieving a far flung stick; this evaluation also pertains to New York City.