Hotels versus Guests: Who is Responsible for Bed Bug Attacks?

Denine Erlemeier claims she and her family were attacked by bed bugs while staying at a Disney World hotel in Florida. She claims they were covered with bed bug bites. The email rejoinder from Disney regarding her bed bug complaint stated that the bites did not occur due to any condition at the Disney hotel. These cases are hard to prove but when people say they awoke in a hotel room with red bite marks perhaps they are are correct about the attack occurring at the hotel room.

A Disney spokesperson stated that the resort has a bed bug expert staff member that investigated the complaint and found no evidence of bed bugs. Hopefully, it was a thorough inspection. What are his qualifications? Bed bug detection dogs are far superior to humans in detecting bed bugs. The spokesperson didn’t mention a bed bug sniffling Beagle or any other bed bug detection dog. People visiting hotels in Jew Jersey, New York City and other cities and states across the nation should consider purchasing a bed bug monitor and take it with them to hotels.