Max the Bed Bug Detection Dog: Reduces the Cost of Bed Bug Treatments

Max the bed bug sniffing Beagle lives in Wisconsin. Fortunately, bed bug detection dogs also work in New Jersey and New York City. Properly trained bed bug detection dogs are major assets for pest control companies. Max now performs bed bug inspections that used to be done with human eyesight and flashlights.

Max’s owner stated that the Beagle has an efficiency rate over 90% when it comes to finding bed bugs. Since he can smell the difference between live bed bugs and dead bed bugs he also inspects rooms after treatments to make sure there are no live bed bugs still lurking in a treated area.

Max’s owner mentioned that the Beagle saves time and money because he can find the exact location of bed bug infestations that need to be treated. Since bed bug detection dogs can determine the exact location of bed bug infestations in hotels, hospitals and other settings, fewer rooms need to be shut down for treatments which saves a lot of money. Max is a knight in shining fur.