The Bed Bug Locator – New Innovative Product

Stern Environment Group has always taken a proactive approach when it comes to fighting the war against bed bugs. We often find ourselves offering products to our customers that no other company has.  We are not afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to traditional bed bug treatments, and continue to look to find new and innovative products and services for our customers.  We are always happy to discover new products and services that we can add to our vast arsenal of services that we bring to our valued customers.

There is a new bed bug product that is in the development stage that is called The Bed Bug Locator.  It is being developed by Termite Detection Systems (TDS) which is based in Oak Island, North Carolina.  TDS has been very successful in creating a state of the art device that locates hidden termites.  Although still in the product development stage, The Bed Bug Locator has been proven to be able to detect the presence of bed bug infestations.  According to company reports, the device is so sensitive, that it can detect as few as one bed bug that is well hidden within a room.  Once this product is available for distribution, it will serve as an amazing tool for pest control professionals in the United States.

According to TDS, they have created a specific multiple sensor array that will accurately locate hidden bed bug infestations.  TDS reports that The Bed Bug Locator combines a vacuum pump that constantly draws in an air sample through the unit’s 12 inch telescoping probe with several specific powerful sensors that instantly pick up on gases produced from the digestion of blood.  Each sensor is reported to register individually with this new system, so the extremely powerful sensors make the unit accurate in their detection of bed bugs.

Stay tuned for more information from Stern Environmental Group regarding this potential new product.  If proper investment capital in obtained to move this product to the next step, it could mean great things for the pest control industry and people suffering from bed bug infestations around the United States!  TDS is currently seeking investors and expects to have a working unit on the market in about six months.  We look forward to sharing more information about this exciting new product as it becomes available.