Easy to Follow Tips to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home from Hotels

Hotel guests in New Jersey, New York City and other locations known to have bed bugs need to use some preventive measures to try and stop the odious bed bugs from going home with them. Those little rusty red colored blood sucking insects would be happy to enter your suitcase and go home with you. They don’t make good pets.

The best hotels can have bed bugs. There are some simple things hotel guests can do to minimize the risk of bringing home bed bugs from hotels.

Inspect the luggage rack and make sure it doesn’t have any pests or blood stains or fecal matter left by bed bugs.

Thoroughly check the headboard, especially any cracks.

Place luggage on the luggage racks and don’t place luggage on the floor or the bed.

Remove the sheets and look for blood stains and fecal matter on the mattress, especially the seems and also the box spring.

Look in the cracks in the walls, furniture and picture frames.

Bed bug monitors are an excellent addition to a bed bug prevention system while staying at hotels and at home.