Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs are Amazingly Accurate

Many New Jersey and New York City residents would be happy to have the four legged Molly visit their home. Molly is a border collie mix, bed bug sniffing dog.  Her owner states that Molly can smell bed bugs behind walls. Humans named Molly cannot do that.

Her owner, Leigh Ann Coleman, actually orders shipments of bed bugs from New York. No, she’s not a goofball, she needs the bed bugs for training sessions for Molly, the bed bug detection dog. Leigh Ann Coleman probably does not get excited when the package shows up. No, you probably won’t get rich if you run an add in the paper announcing you have odious bed bugs for sale. People will think your silly.

Leigh Ann Coleman stated that human eyes are about 30 to 40 percent accurate at detecting bed bugs and that bed bug detection dogs have about a 97 percent accuracy rate. These dogs can check out an entire room in about three to four minutes. Bed bug detection dogs are heroes.