Bed Bugs Taking Advantage of the Lousy Economy

Are New Jersey and New York City residents aware that bed bugs are benefiting from the nation’s economic problems? For example, in the state of Kansas, a hotel guest was attacked by bed bugs and actually captured a live bed bug from her room and showed it to the front desk clerk. The hotel management didn’t take her seriously so she filed a complaint with the state of Kansas.
 An inspector from the Kansas Department of Agriculture determined that indeed the woman’s hotel room was infested with bed bugs. The hotel was ordered to take care of the bed bug infestation. A follow-up inspection was scheduled. However, the state of Kansas announced it was suspending its lodging inspection program due to budget cuts.
 There are no longer any Kansas agencies working to make sure hotel rooms don’t have bed bugs. Will this government inactivity spread all over the nation? Will bed bugs be able to live where they please due to the negative economic conditions permeating the nation? Odious insects are actually benefiting from the lousy economic climate. Oh my.