Should it be Easy to Sue Motels for Bed Bug Attacks?

A couple that stayed in a Super 8 Motel in Aberdeen, Maryland is suing the motel. Desire Clendenning claims that while staying at the motel she was attacked by bed bugs and suffered a severe reaction to the bed bug bites which are all over her body. She and her husband are seeking economic and non-economic damages.

She claims that Super 8 Worldwide, Super 8 Motel had a duty of reasonable care to her and they breached this duty since they allowed a bed bug infestation into the motel. Perhaps Desire Clendenning doesn’t realize how difficult it is for motel and hotel owners all over the world to prevent bed bugs from entering their buildings.

Even if hotel personnel searched every guest and their belongings, including their suitcases it would be very difficult to find all the tiny creatures. Bed bugs don’t chirp like birds or meow like cats, not even in New Jersey or New York City. Bed bugs are very secretive.

Bed bug monitors won’t prevent the critters from entering hotel rooms but they are very useful at detecting there presence in the room.