Applause for Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

Bed bug sniffing dogs are the knights in shining fur of the battle against the annoying bed bugs. These pooches are becoming very popular in bed bug infested areas including in New Jersey and New York City. They are superior to humans when it comes to detecting bed bugs. They also can inspect a room in just a few minutes. Bed bug detection dogs are used to detect bed bug infestations in college dorms, hotels, apartments, houses cruise ships and a lot of other places.

Cities that have bed bug infestations such as New York City may want to consider allocating some money every year for the hiring of bed bug detection dogs. The dogs could check out schools, public housing, public buildings and even privately owned apartment buildings. After all, people with bed bugs in their apartments often unknowingly bring the odious insects to work and then the critters go home with people and they spread all over the place. It’s a society issue.

Bed Bugs Invade New Jersey School

Bed bugs have invaded a Hamilton Township, New Jersey elementary school, causing consternation among parents and school officials. A Langtree Elementary School student brought the nasty little blood-suckers to class from home. Adept hitchhikers, bed bugs spread easily on the clothing of people who have been exposed. The size of an apple seed, these tiny insects like to hide in small, dark places and may have ridden to school in the child’s backpack.

Although they carry the social stigma of association with unclean or impoverished people, bed bugs are equal opportunity pests, plaguing rich and poor alike. Blood-feeding bed bugs are attracted by human bodies, not filth.

Hamilton, New Jersey school officials called in professional pest control experts to exterminate bed bugs from the elementary school and have issued an all clear to parents. But parents should remain wary. Many bed bugs are resistant to typical pesticides which do not kill bed bug eggs. Also, if bed bugs are not effectively exterminated from the home where the bed bug infestation origination, the school could easily be reinfested.

Co-op Apartment Owners: Is it Their Duty to Notify Neighbors They had Bed Bugs?

If an owner of a co-op apartment had his residence treated for bed bugs is it his duty to notify his neighbors of the bed bug treatments? It’s appropriate to tell them. Even if the pest control company destroyed all the bed bugs in the residence some of the bed bugs could have traveled through the walls, which they often do, and the neighbors may unknowingly have a bed bug infestation. It’s best to get bed bug treatments as soon as possible. 

Some individuals living in New Jersey or New York City or elsewhere would want to keep quiet since people are repulsed by bed bugs and may be concerned the person’s residence still has them. The person may be concerned they will be shunned by neighbors.

Management of a co-op apartment building may prefer the person keeps quiet about it because the news could upset the other residents and also lower property values. The neighbors are in danger of getting a bed bug infestation and they have the right to know. They may want to have a bed bug detection dog check out their residence.

New York Bed Bug Tax Credit: A Good Idea?

Well, there is a bed bug tax credit bill pending in the New York General Assembly. I don’t know if there is or will be a rat tax credit. The bill provides a tax credit for personal property replacement that was due to a bed bug infestation. The bill provides a credit against the personal tax equal to 15% of qualified expenditures for replacing personal property but it can’t exceed $750. Items that qualify include rugs, furniture and other home goods.

Well, in the final bill I wonder if an individual will have to prove to anyone one that his rug was infested by bed bugs? Does he need a certification by a bed bug pest control expert? Does he need just a photograph of the infestation? Will officials just decide to go with the “we trust you to tell the truth” approach.

How many people living in New York City that are shopping for a couch to replace their worn out couch will falsely claim the old couch was full of bed bugs? Perhaps New Jersey residents will also want a bed bug tax credit.

NY Assembly Considers Tax Relief for Bed Bug Victims

Finally, some relief for bed bug weary consumers! The New York State Assembly is considering a bed bug bill that would provide a tax credit for personal property replaced because of a bed bug infestation. New York Senate Bill 7065/Assembly Bill 10081 would add a credit to New York state income tax forms that would allow residents to deduct 15% of qualified personal property replacement expenditures up to a $750 limit. Qualifying expenditures are expected to include furniture, rugs, mattresses and other personal and household goods that can be damaged when bed bugs infest a home or apartment.

The bill states: “The recent bedbug epidemic has brought legitimate suffering to New Yorkers statewide. Victims have contracted bedbugs from neighbors, hotel stays and a variety of other means. In addition to social stigma, the afflicted have experienced economic hardship as a result of the loss of furniture, bedding, clothing and other belongings that must be discarded during the extermination process. Bedbug infestations are not covered by most varieties of renters or homeowners insurance and this bill would offer a modest tax credit to assist affected New Yorkers.”