The Bug Dome Bed Bug Monitor now Available in Canada and other Locations

Silvandersson has announced they have received ETL certification for their Bug Dome monitor. The monitors can now be sold in Canada. Stern Environmental sells the effective bed bug monitors which are made by Silvandersson, a Swedish company.

The unique, small bed bug monitor/trap utilizes a heating element to attract bed bugs. The dome recess is also coated with a special glue in order to trap the odious bed bugs for inspection. The device is just a little bit bigger than a large coffee saucer.

The Bug Dome monitor is an excellent device for travelers to use while staying in hotels. Bed bugs have become a significant problem in hotels in New Jersey, New York City and locations all over the world. Canada also has bed bug infestations.

The Bug Dome can also be a highly effective part of a bed bug prevention plan in homes. They can be placed in all the bedrooms and other locations in a house. Detecting a bed bug infestation early can significantly lower the cost of pest control treatments.