Where do Bed Bugs Live?

The odious, blood sucking bed bugs hide in more locations than just beds. Yes indeed, the horrible insects hide in various types of furniture, cardboard boxes, between the pages of books, carpeting, clutter, tiny crevices, heating ducts etc. Some exerts suggest their hiding places are typically within a hundred feet of their human blood source. Bed bugs typically stay close to their human meal in the same bedroom or area where the human blood source sleeps.

Yes, they do enjoy staying close to humans by hiding out in their beds but they also hide in furniture that people sleep on or take a nap on such as upholstered chair, couches etc. Unfortunately, a bed or a couch can become home to a large bed bug infestation in a short period of time. Wood and fabric are two of their favorite materials to hide in.

What can residents of New York City and New Jersey and other bed bug infested areas do? They can put bed bug monitors in their bedrooms and other rooms. Early detection of bed bugs will save a lot of money on bed bug treatments.

Bed Bug Detection Dogs: Knights in Shining Fur

Bed bug detection dogs are becoming more popular in New York City and New Jersey and across the country. It would take a person two days to check 20 apartment units for bed bugs and a bed bug detection dog can check 25 to 30 units in just an hour. Also, the bed bug sniffing canines are 98% accurate whereas humans are 30% accurate.

These knights in shining fur provide their human partner the exact location of the bed bugs. They can detect them in beds, luggage, chairs etc. The humans do all the exterminating work. With the help of these canines, landlords know which units need treatments and so they don’t have to pay for treatments for units nearby the infested units.

Bed bug detection dogs are trained on the scent of the horrible bed bugs. They can also smell the difference between live and dead bed bugs. They can also smell bed bug eggs. Bed bug detection dogs are great bed bug investigators for apartment units, hotels, homes, office buildings and other structures.

Urban Cities Are At Risk For Rodent Invasions Part I Of II

Cities across America, especially well populated and older ones, are facing a difficult task when it comes to rodent pest control and eradication.  Many governments are suffering financially and are having trouble paying for rodent infestation services so populations continue to be on the rise.  Rodents are known for carrying horrible diseases, gnawing on wiring and causing fires, invading restaurants and stores and contaminating food sources, and damaging structures.  Rodents also multiply quickly and have been known to bite both adults and children.

In 2007 and 2009, a study was done by d-Con that ranked which United States cities were at risk of having serious rodent problems.  In both studies, New York City was the number one contender because of its dense population, size, and age.  Definitely not surprising (ask anyone walking the streets late at night), but not good news either!  The government and citizens alike must join together to help keep the rodent populations down on the streets of New York.

Please check back on Tuesday for the conclusion.

Bed Bugs and Their Tubes

Bed bugs are a big problem in New York City and New Jersey and across the country. The blood sucking insects insert two hollow feeding tubes into the victim. One tube they use to inject saliva which contains an anticoagulant and anesthetics. The other tube is used to take blood from its host. Some experts claim bed bugs will feed for approximately five minutes.

The bites are typically not felt until hours later and in some case days later. The critters attempt to feed themselves every 5 to 10 days. Bed bugs that get meals on a consistent basis often live between six to nine months. If bed bugs don’t have a food source they can go dormant and not have a meal for up to 18 months. However, it was reported in 2009 at a Entomological Society of America meeting that newer generations of pesticide-resistant bed bugs located in Virginia could only live for two months without a blood meal.

Beg bug monitors can play a vital role in detecting the blood sucking bed bugs in your residence.

Insect Control Is A Must

Spiders are one of the most feared creatures on earth.  Let’s face it, they move very quickly, some are hairy, they can crawl anywhere, they hide in dark places, some make webs, they come in different sizes, and some will bite you, even when not provoked.  Most spiders are harmless, but some spider venom is dangerous and sometimes deadly for some folks.

A woman in Atlanta Georgia was bitten by a brown recluse in April.  Not realizing how serious the problem was, she did not seek medical attention right away.  It did not take long for the spiders’ venom to do serious damage to her bite site as infection set in.  By the time she received medical help, it was too late.  Ms. Franklin lapsed into an 11 day coma and had to have a mastectomy due to the horrible infection that was caused by the bite.

Spring and summertime are the perfect times to enjoy the outdoors, not only for you, but for creepy crawlers too.  It’s important to keep an eye out for spiders, bees, wasps, hornets, and other dangerous pests.

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