New York City College Dorms and Bed Bug Detection Dogs

According to the New York Department of Housing and Historic Preservation, New York City has experienced close to an 800% increase in bed bug cases since 2008. Bed bugs are also a major problem in New Jersey and elsewhere.

So far this year New York City has received 13,153 violations. It’s been estimated that about 10% of the violations come from college dorms. Besides the irritating skin rashes produced by bed bug bites, people are also tossing out some of their favorite clothes and other possessions they suspect contain the odious bed bugs. One college student tossed out $800 dollars worth of clothing.

What can college officials and dorm residents do about bed bugs? Well, some colleges have been using the services of bed bug detection dogs. These knights in shining fur are far superior to humans when it comes to detecting bed bugs and their eggs. They can actually smell the difference between live bed bugs and dead bed bugs. You could gather together the brightest minds from MIT and they wouldn’t have a chance at competing with bed bug sniffing dogs.