Could New York City Have A New Bed Bug Disclosure Bill Coming? Part I Of II

It’s no secret that the bed bug complaints continue to rise around the United States and they are particularly horrendous in New York City.  Renters are taking advantage of NYC’s 311 hotline and reporting bed bug infestation problems in record numbers.

On March 19, 2010, a new Bill was brought forward to the General Assembly that is sure to make many New York City residents quite happy.  Up for consideration in the Bill are changes to the administrative code that would make property owners provide full disclosure about their bed bug infestation experiences.

If the Bill passes the General Assembly, property owners would be required to furnish each would-be tenant, who is signing a vacancy lease, a notice that depicts the previous five year history of the property’s bed bug infestation issues.  Assembly Bill 10356 also states that if the notice is not provided to the tenant, that the Division of Housing and Community Renewal will “order” the owner to furnish the notice to the tenant.

The potential passing of Assembly Bill 10356 is great news for renters indeed!

Please check back on Tuesday for the conclusion.