Can Bed Bugs be Entertaining?

Is it possible to make a fun, cute, informative public service announcement about bed bugs? Yes indeed, New Jersey and New York residents and people living all over the place will probably enjoy this bed bug public service announcement which features a bold, feisty animated woman who morphs into a real woman. It actually includes pertinent information about bed bugs and tips about how to deal with a bed bug infestation and the expenses that occur.

Bed bugs are a major problem across the country. Since each female bed bug can lay about 500 eggs a minor bed bug infestation can soon become a major bed bug infestation. People living in bed bug infested areas such as New Jersey and New York City need to have a comprehensive bed bug plan. Bed bug monitors are an essential part of a quality, comprehensive plan. Early detection is vital. The longer people wait to get bed bug treatments the worse the infestation will get and the more expensive the extermination will be.

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