Could New York City Have A New Bed Bug Disclosure Bill Coming? Part II Of II

Continuing from Thursday…

If Assembly Bill 10356 passes, renters would be able to make more educated choices about where they are choosing to rent.  If owners are forced to notify tenants up-front that they have a bed bug infestation, or have had one in the past, tenants will not likely be lining up at the door to rent from them.  This potential new Bill would force owners to be more proactive with their bed bug infestations or risk the financial pitfalls of having a lack of tenants in their rental property.  Property owners may balk at giving a five year bed bug history to renters; but considering the fact that bed bugs are known to go a year without consuming a meal (a blood meal), this request does not seem unreasonable.

Personally, I think that owners should be required to disclose all types of vermin infestations to tenants prior to signing a lease.  Why would anyone purposefully move into a dwelling with bed bugs, rats, mice, cockroaches, etc? Perhaps the wording on this new Bill is a bit too tame as well.  Government officials should also consider slapping non-compliant owners with a monetary fine if they don’t follow the rules!