NPMA Helping with the Pest Problems in Haiti

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) delegation returned from Haiti. The group wants to support pest management work in Haiti. NPMA will try and raise $250,000 to support pest management initiatives for hospitals located in Port au Prince, Haiti. The money will be used for minimizing entry locations for pests, pest prevention products, training in pest control operations and a campaign to educate Haitians about basic procedures they can use to minimize the threats from pests including the diseases they carry. The focus will be on getting rid of rodents, roaches, mosquitoes and flies from specific service areas of the medical facilities.

Training will be a major part of the program. The medical facilities are providing treatment to people with pre-existing health complications and often people who are the most vulnerable to health threats from pests.

Hopefully, the Haitians won’t have to also deal with bed bugs. They have enough problems. For those living in New Jersey, New York City and other bed bug infested locations, bed bug monitors are a vital part of a comprehensive bed bug prevention plan.

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