When The Bed Bugs Bite, Sometimes You Need A Good Lawyer Part I Of II

There are certain areas in the United States that are bed bug hot spots; but all 50 states are reporting in with infestations at this point.  New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida and California are certainly having a difficult time knocking down their bed bug populations.  Recently, a husband and wife who were relocating to Florida, experienced their own bed bug nightmare and are suing as a result of it!

In January of 2010, Aaron Kelly and his wife were staying for a week at the Budget Inn-South in Ft. Lauderdale while they were looking for a new place to live.  Mr. Kelly began to experience horrible itching and burning over his entire body.  He thought that he was having an allergic reaction to something; perhaps the laundry detergent used by the motel.  After days of painful itching and welts, he began to investigate the bedding at the motel.  There he found that the mattress that he and his wife were sleeping on was horribly stained with black spots.  Upon further inspection, he found what he dreaded most…bed bugs…alive and well, happily crawling around waiting for their nighttime feast…him!

Please check back on Tuesday for the conclusion.