Proposed New York Bed Bug Law and Landlords

New York assembly member Linda Rosenthal, a democrat from Manhattan, has co-sponsored a piece of legislation that would provide apartment seekers more information about bed bug infestations. If the legislation becomes law, landlords will have to disclose a building’s bed bug infestation history for the prior five years to potential tenants.

Well, the legislation may be helpful, however due to no recent bed bug history a person could rent an apartment and then a neighbor brings in a bed bug infested mattress or ascot and the annoying insects climb through the walls and lay thousands of eggs in the apartment.

Perhaps the building has been infested recently but the landlord was unaware of the problem, because the bed bug infested tenants kept quite due to the stigma of having bed bugs or perhaps they don’t get skin reactions to bed bug bites and were unaware they had been blood meals for the horrible bed bugs.

Bed bug monitors can play a vital role in a comprehensive bed bug prevention plan in New York City, the state of New Jersey and everywhere.

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