Travelers and Easy Preventive Bed Bug Procedures

Bed bugs are found in hotels in New Jersey and New York City and across the nation. They live in luxury hotels and budget hotels. There are some preventive measures travelers can take while staying at a hotel.

Inspect the luggage racks for bed bugs, blood spots and bed bug fecal matter. Place the luggage on the racks and place tape with the sticky side up on the rack legs so the bed bugs can’t crawl up and enter your luggage. Also put the tape on the legs of the bed.

Inspect the bed. Pull back the sheets and check the mattress pad cover and also under the duff ruffle. Check the box spring and the headboard. Inspect all the furniture, base moldings, cracks and the drawers. Do the inspection with a flash light. Bring a bed bug monitor with you.

If you are still concerned about bed bugs you may want to hire a bed bug sniffing dog and have the canine sniff your luggage and perhaps you for bed bugs before entering your home. Wash all of your clothes and then perhaps have some cheese puffs.

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