When The Bed Bugs Bite, Sometimes You Need A Good Lawyer Part II Of II

Continuing from Thursday…

Mr. Kelly brought the bed bugs that he had discovered to the Budget Inn Motel manager, who in turn brought a plastic sheet to cover the mattress.  The manager flipped the mattress and saw the bed bugs moving around but did not seem to care that they were present.  The Kelly’s asked for a refund for the days that they had stayed at the motel, but were denied.  They threatened legal action, and the manager still did not care.

The Kelly’s have hired an attorney and are suing the motel for the entire incident.  The couple has some pretty horrible photographs to back up their claims, so it looks like a pretty easy case to win in court.

The entire situation could have been avoided had the motel hired a pest control specialist who knew how to eradicate the bed bugs!  All hotels and motels should have bed bug monitors in place to safeguard themselves against any possible infestations.  Bed bugs sniffing dogs are a particularly good resource for hotels and motels as well.  Dogs work extremely fast with amazing accuracy.  For hotel/motel guests that think that they have encountered bed bugs; you launder your clothing in hot soapy water, dry your clothing on the hottest possible setting, and contact a pest control specialist as soon as possible.

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