Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Bed Bug Costs?

A bed bug infestation can be costly, due to the expense of temporarily moving out of the residence, bed bug pest control treatments, steam cleaning fabrics, replacing some items etc. Unfortunately, according to the Insurance Information Institute, homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover any of the costs associated with bed bugs. The institute stated that the expense associated with eliminating bed bugs is like the expense of eliminating cockroaches or rats which are considered to be part of the maintenance connected to owning a home and is not covered by a homeowner policy.

In general, losses caused by creatures including rodents, birds, vermin and insects are not covered by standard policies. Also, a spokeswoman for the Insurance Information Institute stated “it would be really hard to calculate the possibility of a bed bug getting into someone’s luggage at an airport and infesting a house.”

One of the best things people in New Jersey and New York City and elsewhere can do is have a comprehensive bed bug prevention plan. Bed bug monitors can be a vital part of a quality plan.