Bed Bug Monitors: Big Help for Apartment Buildings

Bed bug infestations can easily spread through apartment buildings in New York City and New Jersey and elsewhere. The odious insects find ways to climb through the walls and invade neighboring units. Bed bug monitors are an excellent way to help stop the spread of these horrible insects.

A lot of people don’t have a skin reaction to bed bug bites so they are unaware of the infestation and this gives the bed bugs the opportunity to invade other units before the landlord realizes their is a problem and calls a pest control company to destroy the bed bugs. The landlords can end up paying a lot of money for treatments since he didn’t have knowledge of the initial infestation. Since one female can lay about 500 eggs the infestation can become quire large very rapidly.

Apartment owners in bed bug infested areas can make a bed bugs prevention plan a lot stronger by putting bed bug monitors in all the units. These monitors can help prevent landlords from paying for extensive bed bug treatments.