Urban Cities Are At Risk For Rodent Invasions Part I Of II

Cities across America, especially well populated and older ones, are facing a difficult task when it comes to rodent pest control and eradication.  Many governments are suffering financially and are having trouble paying for rodent infestation services so populations continue to be on the rise.  Rodents are known for carrying horrible diseases, gnawing on wiring and causing fires, invading restaurants and stores and contaminating food sources, and damaging structures.  Rodents also multiply quickly and have been known to bite both adults and children.

In 2007 and 2009, a study was done by d-Con that ranked which United States cities were at risk of having serious rodent problems.  In both studies, New York City was the number one contender because of its dense population, size, and age.  Definitely not surprising (ask anyone walking the streets late at night), but not good news either!  The government and citizens alike must join together to help keep the rodent populations down on the streets of New York.

Please check back on Tuesday for the conclusion.