Bed Bug Detection Dogs: Knights in Shining Fur

Bed bug detection dogs are becoming more popular in New York City and New Jersey and across the country. It would take a person two days to check 20 apartment units for bed bugs and a bed bug detection dog can check 25 to 30 units in just an hour. Also, the bed bug sniffing canines are 98% accurate whereas humans are 30% accurate.

These knights in shining fur provide their human partner the exact location of the bed bugs. They can detect them in beds, luggage, chairs etc. The humans do all the exterminating work. With the help of these canines, landlords know which units need treatments and so they don’t have to pay for treatments for units nearby the infested units.

Bed bug detection dogs are trained on the scent of the horrible bed bugs. They can also smell the difference between live and dead bed bugs. They can also smell bed bug eggs. Bed bug detection dogs are great bed bug investigators for apartment units, hotels, homes, office buildings and other structures.