Where do Bed Bugs Live?

The odious, blood sucking bed bugs hide in more locations than just beds. Yes indeed, the horrible insects hide in various types of furniture, cardboard boxes, between the pages of books, carpeting, clutter, tiny crevices, heating ducts etc. Some exerts suggest their hiding places are typically within a hundred feet of their human blood source. Bed bugs typically stay close to their human meal in the same bedroom or area where the human blood source sleeps.

Yes, they do enjoy staying close to humans by hiding out in their beds but they also hide in furniture that people sleep on or take a nap on such as upholstered chair, couches etc. Unfortunately, a bed or a couch can become home to a large bed bug infestation in a short period of time. Wood and fabric are two of their favorite materials to hide in.

What can residents of New York City and New Jersey and other bed bug infested areas do? They can put bed bug monitors in their bedrooms and other rooms. Early detection of bed bugs will save a lot of money on bed bug treatments.