Invisible Itches: What is Causing it?

Often people living in New York City and New Jersey and other locations blame bed bugs or other insects when they get itchy. However, there are other potential causes of itchiness other than insects. Allergies, medications, cosmetics and environmental contaminants can cause reactions similar to insect bites.

People living in New Jersey and New York City and other places need to investigate other sources of itching and not just insects. However, if a woman witnesses a mosquito biting her arm and the specific area of the attack because red and itchy perhaps and extensive investigation of her cosmetics can be avoided.

The publication produced by Michael F. Potter, Professor of Entomology at the University of Kentucky, titled Invisible Itches: Insect and Non-Insect Causes is a an excellent comprehensive text on the subject of invisible itching. The text includes useful information on topics including sources of irritation, obscure biting arthropods, environmental factors, household products, health-related conditions and finding a solution.

By the way, if you want to avoid itching sensations due to the odious bed bugs, consider placing bed bug monitors in your residence.

Exterminators Should Always Be Licensed Part II Of II

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Not only is Josimar Ferreira accused of operating a Massachusetts extermination company without being certified, but it has been reported that he has also allegedly maintained pest control companies in New Jersey and New York as well.  Both New Jersey and New York have cited Ferreira for operating an unlicensed pesticide business.  It makes you wonder how he is able to obtain toxic pesticides, without being properly licensed.  Clearly there was a breakdown…in three states!

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Tips for Preventing Your Garden from Being Destroyed by Groundhogs

Groundhog burrows are typically the focus area regarding groundhog control and not trees! A typical groundhog burrow has a main entrance and one emergency escape entrance. Their burrow is used for hibernating during the winter and for mating and raising their babies. Some groundhogs also known as woodchucks, also have a summer burrow. The summer burrow is typically situated in the middle of a grassy area. The burrow where the critters live in the winter and spring is often located in a nearby brushy or wooded area.

There are several groundhog control solutions residents of New York City and New Jersey and elsewhere can use:

1. Use repellent smells or tastes.
2. Use motion detection devices to scare them away.
3. Live-trapping the critters as they leave their burrows and relocate them to another area.

Also, to reduce the possibility that groundhogs will make a home on your property eliminate tall grass areas, tall weed areas and brush piles since they may not live near your garden If there isn’t good cover.

Quality groundhog removal services are available for New York City and New Jersey.

What is Going on with Proteins in Bed Bug Saliva?

Residents of New York City and New Jersey and other places may be interested to know that scientists have been analyzing bed bug saliva protein. Sounds exciting! Well the saliva proteins are the reason why bed bugs can suck blood out of their human victims and be able to escape and not get smashed by their human blood meal. The findings of scientists may have medical applications in diagnosing bed bug bites as well as preventing itching.

The proteins in the saliva of these blood sucking insects make the blood vessels of their victims dilate which creates a better blood flow, inhibit clotting and also prevents people from immediately feeling pain and itching that could wake up the human blood meal. The human would probably crush the odious bed bugs.

Some scientists believe that the proteins contained in bed bug saliva may be utilized for immune detection of humans and animals to bed bug exposure or as part of desensitization vaccines.

Bed bug monitors are an important part of a comprehensive bed bug prevention plan.

Exterminators Should Always Be Licensed Part I Of II

It’s important for anyone who applies pesticides to be licensed by the state that they are working in so that officials can make certain that the proper chemicals are used at all times, in the correct scenarios that they are intended for.  When used improperly, people are at risk of becoming ill, and in some instances, even death can occur from over-exposure to poisonous chemicals.

A Massachusetts man, who was running a pest control company, was recently arrested by federal authorities for using agricultural chemicals for bed bug infestation treatments.  As you all know, bed bugs are found on the inside of homes and business establishments; and this is where the man is accused of spraying the toxic chemicals.  People who have experienced his lack of expertise say that he did a poor extermination job when he visited their homes.  Not only did he leave an apartment uninhabitable due to over-spaying, he also sprayed a baby’s crib with the potentially harmful chemicals that he used!

Upon further discovery of Josimar Ferreira’s alleged crime, federal authorities have also announced that he has not been able to pass the certification test to even be in the pest control industry.  Ferreira, is a Brazilian national and is not in America legally.

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