Raccoons: A Dangerous Nuisance In New York And New Jersey

Raccoons are known for their cute and cuddly looks.  While watching them scamper and play outside it’s hard to think of them as a pest that will cause tremendous damage to your home or business; but that exactly what they are known for doing.

Raccoons are quite resourceful at climbing and can easily gain entry into an attic through a vent, soffit, or roof.  One family in Florida recently reported that they have been harassed by a pack of raccoons that won’t seem to go away.  These furry pests await the nighttime darkness and have repeatedly ripped the shingles off their roof and have dug holes through their plywood to gain access to their attic.  So far the family has caught 20 raccoons breaking in; yet much to their dismay they keep coming back, night after night.

New York and New Jersey residents have not only been battling the destructive antics of the raccoons; but they must also fear that the raccoons they encounter could have rabies.  Rabies is a virus that can infect all warm blooded mammals, including humans.  The virus is found in the saliva of rabid animals and is transmitted by bites and potentially contamination from open wounds.  Everyone is discouraged from having contact with raccoons because of the dangers they present.  If raccoons are giving you trouble in New York, NYC, or New Jersey, contact Stern Environmental Group.  Our professionals will provide safe, fast and humane raccoon removal services for your home or business.  Give us a call today!