Bed Bugs are Horrible!!!

Bedbugs are a big problem in New York City and New Jersey but they are also a problem across the nation. The odious insects are causing red, itchy welts on humans all over the country. Sometime the bites can take up to nine days to show up.

Bed bugs are obligatory hematophagous (bloodsucking) insects. The bed bugs are attracted to humans by carbon dioxide, some chemicals and warmth. The odious bed bugs attempt to feed every five to ten days. Sure some of the blooded sucking bed bugs are resting but other in the infestation are looking for a blood meal.

When bed bugs are not living in cold environments they can live for about five months. Well at least it’s not five years. However, the females can lay about 500 eggs. If people don’t get a professional bed bug pest control company to provide treatments as soon as they detect a bed bug infestation the critters will spread all over the residence and the treatments will be expensive.