Bed Bugs: Things you Might not Know

How much do residents of New York City and New Jersey and elsewhere know about bed bugs? Do they know that female bed bugs can lay one to five eggs each day including holidays. The eggs take about seven to ten days to hatch. The babies take about one and a half to two months to become adults. They have five stages of development before they become mature adults. Seems complicated for such a simple critter.

When the odious insects are not having a blood meal they are typically inactive, hiding in a crevice or somewhere else. Bed bugs may wait several days or a week before having another blood meal. They can also go dormant and not have a blood meal for a little over a year. Bed bugs need blood meals in order to develop and to have babies.

Bed bug monitors can provide an early warning that bed bugs have arrived in your residence. Bed bug monitors can play a vital role in a comprehensive bed bug prevention plan.