Avoid Raccoons In New York And New Jersey Part II Of II

In continuation from Tuesday…

Once an animal contracts rabies, they are very unpredictable and should be avoided.  It was recently reported in the news that a nine year old girl was walking into a church when a rabid raccoon jumped out of the bushes and attacked her.  The raccoon had such a tight grasp on the poor girls leg that when church members scooped her up to carry her inside, the creature refused to let go and was lifted up as well!  In another story, a woman was sleeping soundly in her bed when a rabid raccoon entered her home and bit her foot for absolutely no reason!

Residents of New York and New Jersey should always take precautions and watch out for rabid raccoons when walking on the streets.  You should never feed or try to befriend any wild animal.  If you see an animal acting strange or have been bitten or scratched by a wild animal, the New York City Health Department advises that you contact the 311 line.

If you have raccoons causing trouble at your home or business in New York or New Jersey; Stern Environmental Group is here to help.  We provide 24 hour emergency raccoon removal services in the New York City Metropolitan region servicing New York City, parts of New Jersey and parts of Long Island.  Our trained experts will safely and humanly remove these damage causing, and potentially disease ridden pests, fast and efficiently!  Give us a call today.