New York City Bed Bug Bill Amended: Is that Appropriate?

The New York City bed bug disclosure bill currently under consideration in the New York Senate has been amended. The original bill required landlords to provide disclosure of a building’s bed bug history going back five years to prospective tenants. However, this bill may not be fair to landlords since a bed bug infestation could of happened four years ago and eliminated four years ago, yet the former infestation could make prospective tenants go elsewhere.

An amendment to the bill states that an owner of the building has to provide each tenant signing a vacancy lease, a notice in a form approved by the state division of housing and community renewal that provides the property’s bed bug infestation history for the previous year regarding the premises rented by the tenant as well as the building that the premises are located in. So now they have to provide history for the entire building.

Landlords everywhere, including in New Jersey should give tenants bed bug monitors in order to get early detection of a bed bug infestation.