Bed Bug Detection Dogs are Better than High Technology

Bed bugs, those blood sucking insects, are also known as Cimex lectularius. Some experts think bed bugs have been living on the planet since ancient times. After all these years humans have not been able to completely eliminate these horrible insects.

Even in our technologically advanced society no piece of equipment can come close to the amazing bed bud detection abilities of highly trained bed bud detection dogs. With their outstanding sense of smell they can detect bed bugs wherever they’re hiding. Bed bug sniffing dogs can even smell the difference between live bed bugs and dead bed bugs. They can also detect their eggs with their astonishing sense of smell. It’s important to find the eggs. They become bed bugs in about 10 days. The babies need approximately 5 blood meals to become full grown adults.

Bed bug detection dogs are becoming increasingly popular with New York City and New Jersey residents and people living in other parts of the nation. These knights in shiny fur are experts at finding the odious critters.