When There Are Bed Bugs, There Will Be Lawsuits

I always find stories involving bed bug lawsuits to be interesting.  Most people who sue because of bed bugs do so when they have been attacked by them in a hotel/motel room.  Sometimes I find a lawsuit where tenants are suing landlords.  On occasion I find where workers are suing their employers because they are being bitten while trying to perform their daily tasks.  The stories all fascinate and terrify me at the same time!

It’s recently been reported that the Dubuque, Iowa MainStay Suites Hotel is being sued by a woman who claims to have been attacked by bed bugs.  The lawsuit states that she rented a room at various times during July and August of 2009.   My question is, if she was attacked by bed bugs during July, why would she return to the same hotel in August?

Bed bugs are a menacing pest for certain and hotels would be wise to stay ahead of these blood suckers by using bed bug monitors and bed bug sniffing dogs to avoid lawsuits!