Goldman Sachs Attacked by Bed Bugs?

It’s been reported that employees in Goldman Sach’s Jersey City office building have been move from some floors and at times told to leave the building because exterminators have been looking for bed bugs and spraying. The sources would not let their names be given out to the public.

A Goldman Sachs spokesperson stated “We’re already focused on our facilities and there or no issues”. That’s an interesting rejoinder. The spokesperson would not comment on where their facility had received treatments.

Sources at the company stated dogs and pesticides were brought in the facility. The dogs probably were not brought in to eat crumbs off the floor. Another clue the building has bed bugs is that one person who was moved to another floor was not allowed to take any items from the desk. Bed bugs can hide in a variety of items and be transported to other places.

Bed bug detection dogs can be very helpful for those living in New York City and New Jersey. They’re superior to humans at finding bed bugs.