Without Proper Treatment, Bed Bugs Will Return Part II Of II

Continuing from Thursday…

The trouble is that disinfecting a building will not get rid of bed bugs as an infestation is not caused by being unclean.  Even the cleanest five star hotels have been subjected to bed bug infestations.  The metal bunk beds could be a good solution, but since bed bugs are good at hiding, any crack, crevice, or even a screw hole is an invitation for bed bugs to await their next blood meal…the residents.  Bug bombs are not good to use on bed bug infestations.  Instead of killing off the pests, these stubborn blood suckers tend to scatter to surrounding rooms when bug bombs are used, thereby spreading the infestation faster.

Additionally, the Salvation Army is hoping that the heat that is generated in the box truck will be high enough to kill off the existing bed bugs that are infesting the bunk beds.  According to their spokesperson, the beds are due to be donated at a later date once the bugs are dead.

Because the resident’s belongings were not treated, there will likely be more bed bugs at the facility.  Bed bug monitors, bed bug sniffing dogs, and Cryonite are super effective in the war against bed bugs!