Bed Bugs Living in Used Furniture Stores?

A woman named Nancy LeClair said she spent hundreds of dollars in her fight with bed bugs. She said “The only reason I do not have them now is that I washed all my bedding, got rid of any and all furniture, much of which was fairly new and moved.” Perhaps some residents of New York City and New Jersey have basically done the same thing. Bed bug infestations can be expensive.

Unfortunately, people are still bringing in used furniture into there residences that they found along streets. People need to realize that some of the furniture was dumped because it has bed bugs! Even used furniture bought at used furniture stores may have bed bugs. Some of these stores don’t thoroughly check used furniture for bed bugs and don’t use proper techniques for eliminating the terrible insects.

People in New York City, New Jersey and elsewhere that have bed bugs need to have a bed bugs pest control company provide treatments. Sprays for roaches or ants won’t kill bed bugs.