What is Going on with Proteins in Bed Bug Saliva?

Residents of New York City and New Jersey and other places may be interested to know that scientists have been analyzing bed bug saliva protein. Sounds exciting! Well the saliva proteins are the reason why bed bugs can suck blood out of their human victims and be able to escape and not get smashed by their human blood meal. The findings of scientists may have medical applications in diagnosing bed bug bites as well as preventing itching.

The proteins in the saliva of these blood sucking insects make the blood vessels of their victims dilate which creates a better blood flow, inhibit clotting and also prevents people from immediately feeling pain and itching that could wake up the human blood meal. The human would probably crush the odious bed bugs.

Some scientists believe that the proteins contained in bed bug saliva may be utilized for immune detection of humans and animals to bed bug exposure or as part of desensitization vaccines.

Bed bug monitors are an important part of a comprehensive bed bug prevention plan.