Tips for Preventing Your Garden from Being Destroyed by Groundhogs

Groundhog burrows are typically the focus area regarding groundhog control and not trees! A typical groundhog burrow has a main entrance and one emergency escape entrance. Their burrow is used for hibernating during the winter and for mating and raising their babies. Some groundhogs also known as woodchucks, also have a summer burrow. The summer burrow is typically situated in the middle of a grassy area. The burrow where the critters live in the winter and spring is often located in a nearby brushy or wooded area.

There are several groundhog control solutions residents of New York City and New Jersey and elsewhere can use:

1. Use repellent smells or tastes.
2. Use motion detection devices to scare them away.
3. Live-trapping the critters as they leave their burrows and relocate them to another area.

Also, to reduce the possibility that groundhogs will make a home on your property eliminate tall grass areas, tall weed areas and brush piles since they may not live near your garden If there isn’t good cover.

Quality groundhog removal services are available for New York City and New Jersey.