Bed Bugs Living in Used Furniture Stores?

A woman named Nancy LeClair said she spent hundreds of dollars in her fight with bed bugs. She said “The only reason I do not have them now is that I washed all my bedding, got rid of any and all furniture, much of which was fairly new and moved.” Perhaps some residents of New York City and New Jersey have basically done the same thing. Bed bug infestations can be expensive.

Unfortunately, people are still bringing in used furniture into there residences that they found along streets. People need to realize that some of the furniture was dumped because it has bed bugs! Even used furniture bought at used furniture stores may have bed bugs. Some of these stores don’t thoroughly check used furniture for bed bugs and don’t use proper techniques for eliminating the terrible insects.

People in New York City, New Jersey and elsewhere that have bed bugs need to have a bed bugs pest control company provide treatments. Sprays for roaches or ants won’t kill bed bugs.

Without Proper Treatment, Bed Bugs Will Return Part II Of II

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The trouble is that disinfecting a building will not get rid of bed bugs as an infestation is not caused by being unclean.  Even the cleanest five star hotels have been subjected to bed bug infestations.  The metal bunk beds could be a good solution, but since bed bugs are good at hiding, any crack, crevice, or even a screw hole is an invitation for bed bugs to await their next blood meal…the residents.  Bug bombs are not good to use on bed bug infestations.  Instead of killing off the pests, these stubborn blood suckers tend to scatter to surrounding rooms when bug bombs are used, thereby spreading the infestation faster.

Additionally, the Salvation Army is hoping that the heat that is generated in the box truck will be high enough to kill off the existing bed bugs that are infesting the bunk beds.  According to their spokesperson, the beds are due to be donated at a later date once the bugs are dead.

Because the resident’s belongings were not treated, there will likely be more bed bugs at the facility.  Bed bug monitors, bed bug sniffing dogs, and Cryonite are super effective in the war against bed bugs!

Moscow Invaded by Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a big problem in New York City and New Jersey and they have become a big problem in Moscow. Russia’s official health watchdog agency has stated that the bed bug population has doubled. They believe the primary reason for the surge in bed bugs is an influx of immigrants.

Bed bugs thrive in densely populated human living quarters, including building site cabins and hostels. Migrant workers typically live in these types of living quarters.

The health watchdog agency also stated the spread of pests is also largely due to redecoration of homes. The agency may have made a mistake when it suggested people use insecticides. People can easily use the wrong insecticides. Even if they use the appropriate insecticides they could use them improperly.

It can be dangerous if people without bed bugs and pesticides expertise use pesticides in an attempt to destroy the odious insects. It can become a human health problem. If people think they have a bed bug infestation they should ask a quality bed bug pest control company to get rid of the bed bugs.

Bed Bugs: Pest Control Company Sprayed a Baby Crib with Banned Chemicals

The Boston Globe reported that a Brazilian national who operated an extermination company in Everett was arrested on charges of using chemicals banned indoors and for operating without certification. Citizens of New York City and New Jersey and elsewhere need to make sure they hire a quality pest control company for bed bug treatments.

His company used the agricultural pesticides malathion and carbaryl, which have been banned from indoor use for eradicating bed bugs in Everett and other cities. One of the tenant’s claimed that the company sprayed the harsh chemicals throughout her apartment including on her eight month old daughter’s crib.

The tenant reported she had to hire a cleaning company to clean the place and after all the spraying she still had bed bugs. She moved out of her apartment. No mention if her landlord reimbursed her for the cleaning cost.

The maximum penalty for violating the EPA regulation includes one year in jail and/or a $25,000 fine. Perhaps the fine should be higher.

Without Proper Treatment, Bed Bugs Will Return Part I Of II

There is quite a bit of interesting information floating around the internet about how to properly treat a bed bug infestation.  Some people follow bad advice and end up spending time and money treating the problem only to have them return with a vengeance.  It’s important that you have a good pest control specialist on your side who knows exactly how to properly treat bed bugs!

The Salvation Army shelter in Fayetteville, North Carolina has been battling bed bugs for more than a year.  This past weekend, 25 volunteers stepped in to help the agency scrub the walls with bleach, buff the floors and haul away thirty wooden bunk bed that were infested with the blood suckers.

Reports are that the facility started their day off by setting of “bug bombs” prior to the cleaning and taking all of the infected beds to an awaiting box truck outside.  The agency reported that the beds were replaced with metal bunk beds so bed bugs could not “burrow into the wood”. The old mattresses were replaced with hypoallergenic ones that are wrapped in thick plastic.

Only some of their efforts sound like a good plan.

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