Bed Bug Attacks on the Rise

In 2009 there were 10,985 bed bug complaints in New York. There are many victims who don’t make a complaint to the government. Also there are those that don’t have a skin reaction to bed bug bites and so they don’t know they have an infestation. Some people don’t say anything about having a bed bug infestation because they think it’s embarrassing.

Bed bugs are also a big problem in New Jersey and other states. A National Pest Management Association spokeswoman stated “It’s a plague, an epidemic.”

Bed bug infestations are horrible for apartment landlords due to the cost of bed bug treatments for multiple apartment units and because bed bug infestations can cause renters to move out and cause those looking for an apartment to look elsewhere.

Well trained bed bug detection dogs are very skilled at finding bed bugs. They are superior to humans at finding the odious insects. Bed bug sniffing dogs can be very helpful to apartment building owners and others that think they have a bed bug infestation.

Urban Cities Are At Risk For Rodent Invasions Part II Of II

Continuing from Thursday…

Public services must do their job by providing proper maintenance of buildings and provide good urban planning.  Older buildings that are dilapidated or abandoned should be demolished because they provide a safe haven and a perfect breeding ground for unwanted rodents.  Aging sewage systems and underground utility systems need to be maintained so that rat populations are not allowed to breed excessively, return to the surface for food, and then escape to the underground for cover again.  Overgrown vegetated areas are also prime breeding grounds for rodents and these areas also need to be maintained.

Citizens cannot rely on the government alone for protection from unwanted rodents.  They too must join in the battle to keep population numbers down.  Simple steps like sealing any holes that rodents can gain entrance to homes and properly containing trash in rodent proof containers, with lids, are a must.

Because of the dangers associated with rodent removal, it is not a good idea to handle rodents, their feces, or urine yourself.  Rodent infestations should be left to a professional.  Stern Environmental Group provides expert rodent removal service to Secaucus, New Jersey, the Greater New York City Metro and Connecticut Regions.  Give us a call today!