How Can Stern Environmental Group Help You With Your Bed Bugs?

Stern Environmental Group offers the most up-to-date products, services, information, and articles to help you with your bed bug infestation issues.

Stop by our website to view the vast amount of information that we have collected about bed bugs.  We are often asked what bed bug bites look like.  Click on our photo link to see how these painful and itchy welts can affect you if you are unlucky enough to encounter the bugs.  You will also find valuable photographs of actual bed bug infestations that will assist you in your travels so that you know what you should be looking for when you check into your hotel room or if you think you might have a bed bug infestation at your home.

Many people think that having bed bugs means that they must throw out their bed bug infested mattress.  Stern Environmental Group and Protect-A-Bed allows you the opportunity to save your expensive mattress instead.  Click on the Encasement Info link on our website to find out how these state-of-the-art mattress encasements will seal bed bugs, and their eggs, in forever so that you will not have to go through the expense of purchasing a new mattress!

Stern Environmental Group offers the best bed bug services as well.  Cryonite is the newest and most effective treatment in bed bugs.  This innovative product is non-toxic and will kill pesky pesticide resistant bed bugs (and other bugs too) by rapidly freezing them!  This amazing treatment even works on bed bug eggs!  Another great tool in Stern’s arsenal is the bed bug sniffing dog.  Sniffer dogs work fast and with incredible accuracy.  Bed bug sniffing dogs are able to detect large amounts of bed bugs, bed bugs eggs, and even just one single bed bug that is hiding in the most obscure location.

Stop by our website to see how Stern Environmental Group can help you!  We are a licensed pest control specialist who provides services to Secaucus, New Jersey, the Greater New York City Metro and Connecticut Regions.  Give us a call today!