Every Business Needs A Pest Control Specialist

A cockroach, mouse, or rat infestation can be a horrible mess for any commercial business.  Restaurants and hotels can suffer terribly from these disgusting pests because these creatures love to hang out where food, water, and shelter sources are a plenty.

A pest infestation is bad for business in many ways.  Infestations will not only drive needed customers away, they are also known to shut businesses down completely as well.  Having an unwanted pest infestation at your restaurant can easily destroy your food supply.  Mice and rats carry dangerous diseases in their urine and feces.  They contaminate food preparation areas and chew into food supplies.  Cockroaches transmit bacteria and can bring disease into your environment.  No food source is off-limits to a cockroach.  They will eat anything, including another cockroach if need be.

The presence of mice, rats, or cockroaches can easily tarnish or destroy completely a company’s professional reputation.  Once patrons hear about a cockroach infestation at a restaurant or hotel, they are likely to head for the hills!  Customers often remain leery for a long time after the reported pest problem has been taken care of, in fear that it could return at any time.

Businesses would be wise to consider having a pest control specialist perform pest inspections and treatment at regular intervals to keep unwanted pests at bay.  Commercial pest control services are a small price to pay in comparison to a business losing its long standing good reputation.

Stern Environmental Group has been providing expert pest control services for over 10 years to businesses in Secaucus, New Jersey, the Greater New York City Metro and the Connecticut Regions.  If your business is experiencing rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, spiders, bees, or other problematic pests; give us a call and we will send our trained technicians out to get rid of your pests!

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